18 introspections given by life.
As we age there are plenty of interesting pearls of wisdom that come our way. They can be unique and different for everyone however here are 18 for you that have been picked up along one journey though life so far.
1 – Listen to everyone and consider what they have to say, but don’t blindly follow without question.
2 – Everything does happen for a reason, typically you and the choice you made are that reason.
3 – Accept responsibility for your success & your mistakes because the only constant variable in both is you.
4 – In every failure there is a great opportunity to learn, the next time you fail get all the feedback you possibly can and most importantly, apply the new knowledge or fail in the same way again.
5 – To gain something more often than not you must be prepared to lose something.
6 – Learn how to suffer in silence, to become resilient, tough, adaptable and most importantly become a survivor.
7 – Pouring your heart and soul in the each endeavour will ensure the most satisfying rewards, if you can’t then chances are you don’t really care about what it is you’re doing.
8 – An excuse, no matter how logical is still an excuse, do what you must to achieve what you truly desire.
9 – You get more than one chance at a lot of things, try not to waste all of them making the same mistakes as you did before.
10 – You can be selfish or selfless, not both, choose wisely as to which.
11 – Always tell the truth, unless you want friends.
12 – Regret is often inevitable, make sure it’s worth it, if it’s not then more fool you.
13 – Spend time alone in nature, watch the animals, listen to the rivers, appreciate the wind in the trees because one day you won’t be able too and you’ll wish you had.
14 – Beware who you trust and what you tell them, the best of friends make the bitterest of enemies.
15 – Say what you mean and mean what you say, anything else is just wasted breath.
16 – You’ll be criticised whether you take the risk or not, might as well go down in a blaze of misplaced glory.
17 – Give yourself 24 hours, if you answer something or make a decision too quickly under the influence of any emotion it will make your life difficult.
18 – Keep one lesson al to yourself, a secret you’ll tell no one because there is always one thing you learn that will never mean as much to another as it does to you.

The all-father had his 18, what are yours?