5 attractive young woman all gathered around a table in what would be a business meeting from what can be told.

Each of them has their own unique look, something that makes them equally and more attractive than the other dpehdning on what you prefer aesthetically. One with electric blue hair and devilish charm, another with beautiful hazel eyes, two with emotion invoking smiles and the last has the kind of personality you could fall in love with instantly, however, different as they are they seem to have one thing in common, they’re all on a  juice plus diet…

It’s a shame you can’t see them. None of them have any real need to lose excess body fat, however if the is their choice then more power to them of course, yet there is no real need. The worst part is they are forgoing the most sensible route of eating more whole foods and instead have fallen victim to the quick fix society of shakes, meal replacement and not eating. This is sad to see.

The pressure for people to look a certain way in our modern world is astronomically high, dangerously so in fact.

While looks have and always will play a part in the world, the fact people them themselves be defined so heavily by them these days is worrying. What happened to self worth? Confidence in who you were are a person? Basic self esteem even?

It is understandable why people want to make aesthetic changes and it’s great, however to put all you stock in that being the be all and end all is madness, or at least it seems that way.

To speak to these 5 would have been fascinating, their body language scream out in terror and fear of judgment, yet their action will ultimately result in people doing just that, judging them on how well or poorly they do in they journey to a better body, ironic really.

Each of them is beautifully unique yet they want to be regarded in the same way s the masses, hopefully one day this herd mentality will dissipate and people will start living for themselves, to please themselves and not every one else instead.