Sitting alone with your head phones in has its benefits.

You can block out the world, watching it without any other sound other than that of what you choose to have playing in your ears. It certainly gives you a broader perspective because you start to look for what people are saying with their bodies, their eyes, the subtle times they touch their company and everything else in-between.

There are two who come in regularly. First they were in a group of three, all dressed to impress, business papers and projection charts scattered on the table for all to see how busy and important they all were.

The men wore power ties and sharp suits, the lady who joined them had a fierce sense of style that compliment her fiery red hair and emerald green eyes,  then over time the three became two.

As more hours an minutes wasted away in the productive world of business the charts, diaries and business attire started to vanish, everything became more causal, most would see this as a sign of a great business relationship that had formed, but if they were too look closer they’d see the ‘accidental’ brushing of their legs, then seemingly unnoticed placing of his hand on hers, the subtle smiles he gives her that are followed her gentle blush and playful giggle.

The best part had to be the lusting look as their eyes lock, even though these moments were brief they could stop time.

It all seems harmless enough, doesn’t it.

Watching through the soundless world of pianos playing the focus was on their left hands.

He wore a wedding ring. It warn a worn gold that showed his marriage lasted the test of time. Her hand was bare, no untanned skin hidden by a physical embodiment of solemn vows, either she had been separated for a long time of never married.

They act like love sick teenagers, their bodies telling a story of a couple that have found what they’re looking for to fill the void in their current stage of life. It’s fascinating to watch, it really is.

Does this mean there is something going on? Possibly, possibly not. It could just be a story you make up to give the world some character, some interest, a distraction from the mundane, the truth is no one will ever know apart from them.

Either way, it makes for an interesting watch when you’re sat on your own.