It’s strange how much time we actually spend on our own, or at least that is the case for some of us.

The company of others is something that isn’t always necessary or even needed to be perfectly happy and content. Most of the time there are those who just want to be left to their own devices, you know the type. The ones who need no approval or external gratification, those who need nothing more than their own peace of mind to get through the day. Are you one of them too?

In the modern world it’s easy to get caught up in the rush and forget to take time out for yourself, usually because it’s seen as selfish if you do, it’s not, it’s healthy to get away from the hustlers out to swindle you out of your precious time and attention to feed their egos, it keeps you distant enough from the mania to allow logical sanity and close enough to your loved ones that from time to time you can even invite them to see the parts of the world you hide and keep all to yourself, just be careful who you show. Once you share something with someone else it’s no longer yours, it’s theirs too.

When you next feel the need to get some space find a coffee shop where no one knows you, take a good book or maybe even a pen and paper and start writing your own, either way just be sure to take some time out for you and only you.