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A fresh walk & tea

Being a rather fresh and bright Saturday morning I felt there was no better way to start it than with a walk and a tea.

It’s quite surprising how quiet it is, then again if you’ve got no other world responsibilities than to look after yourself, you’d be surprised how much time you have.

Time, what an interesting thing, it’s something everyone has in a finite amount and promptly waste, yet if you made the choice to use it in a specific way, was it really a waste? Or was it just misplaced.

Sat here alone with nothing but my thoughts I find myself drifting to all those moments life took a violent curve sideways and how I instigated it or how I foolishly allowed my self to get caught in said situation. It’s nice to know there aren’t that many, however the problem is the limited ones that there are all seem to be fairly life changing mistakes.

If you really choose to reflect it highlights your flaws in a glaring fashion, or at least mine.

I wonder how many of us spend out lives trying to come to terms with the simple fact that at heart there are some things we just never wanted and the fact that we can’t take them back is crushing because they serve as a permeant reminder of how stupid we were.

Maybe it’s just me who feels that way, who knows, who really cares, what’s done is done and now all that is left is choice. The choice to accept and integrate or to accept and reject, is it bad that ones mind is already made up without hesitation?

What a C**t, eh.


A couple more teas to go

Soon the routine will be changed up, while this coffee shop will now have a place in my memories and heart, it’s time to let go and move on.

New places await, they hold new people, different experiences and the way forwards.

It won’t be long now.

The USA invades

My sleepy little town has for some reason had an influx of tourists from the USA, it’s quite strange to see so many in such a small place, yet they make for a fascinating watch.

Like every brit I do enjoy the american accent, there is just something about the way the guys & girls speak that exudes confidence, it’s very alluring, they all have what is commonly known as classic good looks too, the men are handsome and the ladies beautiful, or rather, the fact that they are different makes them seem this way.

Regardless, their conversation was fascinating.

A fly on the wall, the enviable life many want, to know all and be unseen, not so share the secrets of cause problems, just to know things because knowledge is a great treasure to have.

I must admit, me being me I decided to to say hello one on pair of their eyes caught mine, after all, sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life’s delights.


Enlightened Coffee

I had a friend talk to me about enlightenment yesterday, it was interesting to hear her speak about it, or rather what she believed it was.

The concepts were solid, yet something didn’t feel right when she spoke about it, she seemed to be more focused on the idea of achieving it and what it meant yet that would mean that such a thing is quantifiable, which something such as that can’t truly have a pure definition, or at least one that we can comprehend anyway.

To be enlightened, to transcend, who knows what that really is.

If we are to believe monks and alike then it means detachment, or if we look at preachers who have been touched by the benevolent hand it means being selfless and then you have the classical definition by scholars and philosophers of old which is still based on quantifiable logic.

I don’t know what it is to be enlightened, yet I know it’s not what she described, I could’t say why or put it in to words, its just a feeling because when all is said and done, in the absence of everything else, feeling is all we have to go on.


I give less of a shit than you

It seems that the key to a happy life is giving less of a shit than everyone else.

Seriously, it really is.

Kinda sad things are going that way and people are afraid to just be happy without fear of ridicule, hate or any other such nonsense.

We really are incredibly bored these days.

Well, I’m off to find a late night hot beverage with a good book and some people watching. They can all stress and fight their inner demons or what ever it is all the cool kids are doing these days, I’m just going to read and drink my tea.

A morning stroll with decaf tea

We all love a good think, especially in the hope of some reality shattering epiphany and often end up a little disappointed when we don’t get one. Never mind, aye.

There are just some things we will not have the pleasure of experiencing I suppose.

From my morning thoughts I had the realisation of just how much I’ve come to accept myself. The fact still remains that when I reflect all I can see is that I’m not a very good person, even though there are moments of small redemption, for the large part I’m still bad for the most part.

Then the most ironic thing is all the people I attract are the ones who are genuinely good kind selfless wanders, who want nothing more than to fix or change me, which won’t happen as we are who we are.

I can’t workout if it’s sad or some kind of poetic irony.

Late night latteĀ 

There’s only a few cars on the road and even fewer people. 

When the streets are like this it’s amazing how peaceful the world seems, there are no problems, no worries, nothing.

It’s at these silent hours you realise that even the bad things have to sleep sometimes. 

I think I will enjoy this while it lasts, nothing really can make for the best company. 

Coffee with cream

It’s quite eye opening when you see the ghost of who you were in other people.

To stop and think ‘I used to say things like that.’ makes you realise why so many things went the way they did, why people go hurt, why you made them cry, just how far up your own ass you actually were.

I guess we spend the first half of our lives making mistakes and the second half trying to make up for them.

To err is human, or that’s who the saying went. To have so much blocked by our own sense of self importance, well, you mightn’t have had this problem however I certainly have.

Seeking redemption, the sign that you know just how much of an ass hole you were.

Peach tea & planned hassle

The quiet ambiance was broken with what seemed to be an orchestrated argument, they knew what was going to happen, I say this because this particular couple have argued in the local streets and pubs grocery stores all across the small town we live in. Now they’ve added this coffee shop to the list.

Each time the argument is the same, it’s about money, he spent too much so she couldn’t buy what she wanted, she spent too much so he couldn’t buy what he wanted, a pointless argument steeped in ‘I’m going to get one up on you’ – each of their failings were thrown at the other in an attempt to shock them in to stunned silence, it didn’t work, if anything is sounded far more like a well rehearsed soap opera than anything else.

Is this there pattern I do wonder. Is this how the rest of their live will be, spent arguing about the same pointless topics just because they’re so bored they have nothing better to do? What a way to live.

Have you ever been involved in pre-planned drama?



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