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Water & What

Sometimes it’s not your fault you know.

You never asked for any of it.

Alas that doesn’t stop the world from selecting you as the person to shoulder the burden and clean up the mess, that’s just life I’m afraid.

If you take some time to just observe the people around you then you will see just how many others have been jilted and left with the same responsibility, no consent needed they just have to deal with it because life is sadly not fair and rarely works out in our favour.

Of course it’s not all bad as these little tests help you grow as a person because nothing prepares you for the moment quite like the moment itself.

The next time you think to yourself that life isn’t fair just know this, it isn’t and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it other than solider on, so chin up, back straight and keep moving forwards.

Always forwards.


Coffee Corner

There are always those points in time where everything falls apart, which as you guess is quite often the overside of this screen.

As a younger wander through this life it was never really understood when people used to talk about everyone else taking their pound of flesh, yet as each day passes the reality of that becomes painfully obvious. So much so that it may be less hassle if it was a literary pound of flesh people actually wanted, rather than everything else.

Many struggle on, moving forwards as best they can, rising above it, such is the sin of pride.

Still you’ll get pushed and pushed and pushed. I see it everyday. The subtle looks of the affronted, serene in waiting for the opportune moment to justify flying off the handle.

Maybe all of this is what I see because at this point in time it’s the truest reflection of me.

Quotes & Coffee

“People should really dress for the body they have, not the one they want or think they have.”

Some of my friends are truly savage in their nature, however this particular friend did have a very valid point.

I guess modelling fashion isn’t for everyone.

Another day, another coffee and yet again another hour watching the world go by while silently judging all the people who walk past the window.

We shouldn’t judge, we still do though.

All we have it how we see the world, as such the people in it either fir our view or they don’t. While a lot of people these days will talk about fitting everyone in to their view that is an idealistic lie because the second something doesn’t go their way or an opinion is opposed or a different paradigm is held they implode.

They scorch the ground around them to cleanse it of the heresy.

Acceptance is easy when it’s what you want, when it’s from your perspective, as such you, like me and everyone else are nothing more than a giant hypocrite which you’re welcome to deny because we often fight tooth and nail with the truth until we haven choice except to begrudgingly accept it.

How do you judge people?

Go on, you can tell us, we won’t judge you for it…..

One Strong Coffee

How much time to people spend being someone else I wonder.

Not surprising that one of the hardest questions to answer in our life times is one of the shortest; who am I?

Are we who we are, who we think we are, who we think we need to be, who others think we are or need to be, who we’d like to be or maybe we’re all of that while also being non of it.

Are we the deeds we’ve done, didn’t do or have yet to experience, and if that is the case then is who we are based on experience rather than essence?

To some they are the titles they hold, the possessions they keep, the power they’e accumulated, a true materialist.

A few enjoy the life of devotion to a cause, person or belief.

The list can go on, yet none really give an answer, they’re just logical summations, which could be truth or just because they’re there, I guess that is why this is one of my favourite questions.

Who am I?

Coffee, Cream & Consequences

It’s always interesting how we are subjected to the shit other people decide to lump on us, and with our world being the way it is the mantra is “Tough shit, deal with it.”, yet if you were to go full psycho and lose your mind suddenly you become the villain.

To be subjugated under the guise of “Doing what is best for the….” is complete bullshit, a false magnanimity and delude altruism that is only there to cover up the fact that a selfish cunt can’t hack it and as such the world must suffer with them.

Enough to drive someone to the brink and the temptation of true revelation.

Yet with all of this knowledge regarding such things, the world doesn’t change, people still want what they feel is owed to them because the entitled attitude is insidious. How we cry for that ever chanted ‘equality’ that isn’t equal because yo are the wrong race, colour, religion, gender or person. People only want to get one up on each other, that’s the truth of the matter.

Given this, would you be willing to cut off your nose to spite your face if it was your only option left?

If you’re not sure I will tell you how you know when you’re ready.

It’s the anger, you no longer have it, all you feel is a calm entity where it used to be and that my friends is dangerous because somewhere your soul you’ve already made a choice, fully aware of the outcome to your life and the deep seated reasons that are your own are completely happy with the trade.

This is what it means to step over the edge, to realise what many will never want to know.

You can do anything if you really want to.

Acceptance for all

I find it refreshing how we are being taught to accept everyone, for all that they are and all they were or could be.

Large, small, smart, silly, sad, fun, happy or mad.

Straight, gay, transgender, non-binary, or how ever you identify.

We live in a world where everyone has a place to be and people to accept them.

That being said, life is still phenomenally easier if you’re pretty, and intelligent, and funny, oh, rich too, that’s always a good buffer if you’re lacking in any of the others.


“What Pokemon would your starter be?”

I was asked this by a small child who happened to be playing the game while sat next to me with their parents on the large oak coffee table that occupied the centre of the shop, it was quite the surprise.

After a glance at the parents with a smile I looked toward the child and answered “An Eevee or a Magikarp.”.

Of course she didn’t ask why, instead smiled and told me about the one she chose, it was a Rowlet.

Now considering I’m old and a classic Gen 1 player I had no idea what it was, so I just went with it and acted interested, turns out it’s some kind of flying grass owl, which is pretty cool to be fair.

After the conversation died and the child had gone back to playing the game I sat pondering my two choices and why they sprung to mind, the answers are quite simple in all honest. An Eevee has so much potential and differing paths to take, as for the Magikarp though, they are just resilient and eventually after their struggle get to evolve in to something pretty cool showing that even if you don’t start off the best you can work your way towards something pretty impressive and worthy of respect.

What would your starter Pokemon be?

Decaf & Dishonour

“Just because you’re ready to die for people, it doesn’t mean they’re ready or even willing to do the same for you.”

The morrow is a somber one.

It seems that a flood gate has been opened somewhere along the rivers path that houses itself in the subconscious of my mind. A great many things that were unclear or blurred have become quite clear, it’s quite the odd sensation and the one that niggles the most is that thought of grand injustice I’ve committed.

To abandon someone who doesn’t even know it yet, it really does show just how big a piece of shit in human form one can be.

Secretly, well, not really. I pray for the redemption or the chance for it, yet with this I also desire the purest flames of hell to cleanse my soul and burn away everything that currently is, the chance to be born again, to start over and not make the same yet inevitable mistakes, what a fine thing that would be.

All that being said, it is just that, things being said.

Words  mean very little because everyone can speak at a level akin to benevolent divinity, however without action such things mean less than a leaf caught in the wind.

Perhaps one day the punishment I seek will be delivered, or maybe it won’t and perhaps knowing that, seeking it, yet never finding it, perhaps that is my penance.

Forever dishonoured and unredeemable.

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