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Keyboard Warrior & Water

“What keyboard topic are you fighting today?”

That made me chuckle.

I suppose they’re not wrong in one sense, however unlike most the things I share are based more on humble musings and basic logic than pure emotion.

It would be nice if we could change the world through these plastic keys but we can’t, the best we can hope for is more followers, faceless likes, false admiration and ego massage.

As each day passes human interaction and the art of conversation becomes more and more of a dying art. It might sound extreme yet if you just stop, look around and take it all in you’ll see the changes have already taken places. The people are being assimilated in to the larger consciousness of the net and one day, maybe one day soon, we’ll change and what once was will be forgotten.

There will be the last drawn breath of the old world and ask the cliche goes, it will be the end of an era, with the safest part being that no one will even notice.

I’m no one special, I won’t change the world.

Like you I will be forgotten in the channels of time after only a few short years, some people have already forgotten me, just like they’ve forgotten you.

What a time to be alive.

Chai & Body Change

It’s quite common these days for people to want to change they way they look and while many will claim they’re doing it for themselves, and perhaps some are, most are doing it because they want to be treated differently or rather be considered more desirable.

Men & women all over the world embark each year on a journey to change their appearance, to feel healthier, happier, more confident, blah blah blah.

Basically people want to look better naked, attract more partners and not be treated the way they currently are.

I suppose the question people might as is ‘are you really treated any differently?’ and the answer is yes. If you’ve made a body transformation you’ll know what I say is true and while it might change how people treat you an devon how they feel about/towards you, it won’t necessarily change how you feel about yourself, in fact it could make you feel worse because of the point that stares you in the face – why didn’t people treat you this way before, you are the same persona after all, are aesthetics really that important in this world?

Yes, sadly they are.

They shouldn’t be however they certainly are.

You’ll get more attention. Served faster at the bar. Offered more opportunities because your face fits and much more, it’s just how it is.

Some people are born with in to a legacy, one of perfect proportions, chiselled jaw lines, athletic superiority and generally an easier life.

Is it fair?

Nope, however that’s imply life and you’ve got to deal with it.

While it is frustrating to see people breeze through, even squander their gifts, it’s something that happens and making peace with it is the only way to remain on the side of sanity.

Just remember one thing, how you look is the least interesting thing about you.

Mocha and Marriage

Over coffee with a friend I was asked a very interesting question;

“Will you ever get married?”

My immediate response of ‘no’ was not unexpected and of course they said that I’d change my mind one day, however that isn’t true because it’s simply something that doesn’t interest me at all.

It seems that marriage is more of ¬†trend these days, not to mention it’s never a fair deal given it’s meant to be equal for both parties and with the rates of divorce and unhappily married couples in the world time has proven that notion to be something not for this world.

Or at least not one that I want to live in.

What is wrong with just being with someone and being happy?

Everything needs to be labeled and set in stone otherwise your love is considered inefficient.

Perhaps it’s just me having the classic fear of commitment, either way, it’s a choice to make.

Green tea in Gloucester

Anther day, another different place to teach from.

I do meet a lot of interesting people, yet none fascinate me more than those that are my polar opposite, those quiet reserved people who dislike critique and can be heard whispering on the wind when your back is turned.

It’s hard to refrain from winding them up, especially when it would be all too easy.

Best not, well, not until the weekend is done and all the feedback forms are completed.

Do you know your opposite?


Earl Gray to Enlightened

You hear people say it, usually after they’ve been traveling.

“I became enlightened.”

What does it mean though?

Like what does it really mean, because we all know what the concept of it should be however is it something that could really be put in to words or is it something else?

I thought that once upon a time I had achieved this however when I look back I can see it’s not true, I had just gained clarity which is far from being enlightened.

I guess it’s one of those questions that will just remain unanswered until it happens, yet even then I would rush to share the secret which would only beg more curiosity.

Pomegranate tea & a price

Everything comes with a price to which ignorance has the highest one.

It can take everything if it deems that the required fee and sadly people still never learn form this rather expensive lesson.

In that way this is why history repeats itself.

We’re still too ignorant for our own good.

Myself included.

Milk & Melancholy

Safe to say I got some funny looks drinking milk this morning, however it was good milk so I have no regrets, unlike the heart broken girl sat with her friend.

You can imagine the conversation.

She loved him so much, he was the one, she doesn’t understand where it went wrong and so on.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that one simple truth as to why most relationships end; they’re just not that in to you.

Our culture seems less and less stable when it comes to partnerships these days. No one want to be in long term relationships anymore because they always seem to be a raw deal for one party. Look at marriage with kids, it ends in divorce and the guy gets royally screwed over and often leaves with nothing, then you have the pressure on young woman make a family/home before they hit a certain again and their ‘clock’ runs out, is it any wonder no one wants to settle these days?

So much pressure.

While it is only my personal view, I feel that things are too forced these days. Too many want the happy pictures and perfect Facebook relationship and are more interested in how people perceive their relationship than actually finding a relationship that would be good for them.

I suppose one could go as far as to say what happen to love?

Many claim to love, but few really know what it is to love, at least from what I see anyway.

We’ve become desperate, incredibly desperate, scared to be alone in fact.

Seeing the tears stream from her eyes was saddening because it’s not nice to see people hurt or upset, even though it’s an inevitable part of life.

I wonder how long her heart break will last before she rounds and more importantly I wonder how long his wanderlust will last before he realises he made a mistake letting this one go.

Men, such idiots we are.

Tea for two

“Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.” – Yoda

I’m the only person sat alone, everyone else is in a pair, however unlike Yoda’s view of the master and the apprentice what I see is one attractive friend and one DUFF (if you’ve see the film you’ll understand).

Why is there always the pretty one and the less pretty one, what makes them friends?

Like seriously, what gravitates these people towards each other, is it a childhood thing, the fact they have no one else to kill time with, perhaps it’s because one makes the other feel better or maybe it’s something as simple as thy just like each other.

In each pair there is always the one who’s just that little bit better than the other, it’s just the way these things seem to work, it’s fascinating.

It begs the question, when I’m with one of my few trusted people, which one am I….

Cuppa Curiosity 

Do you have questions because I do.

So many.

Hundreds in fact, plenty of which will never get answered, annoyingly.

I suppose the best one can hope for is coming to a conclusion alone and running with it.

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