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Not so dutch courage

Have you seen ‘When We First Met?’ it’s a Netflix film.

Not everyone cup of tea, however if you are one who does like it then I guess it shows the sort of person you are, even if you deny it to the world.

I won’t ruin it, however it’s a variation or rather combination of GroundHog Day & The Butterfly Effect, just with less death and Bill Murray, love that man, so many classic films to his name.

So, the concept of repeating a day, quite an interesting one.

To manipulate the past and get the result you desire, yet you couldn’t do it without changing the lives of everyone else, essentially changing who they are, would you be able to do that to fulfil your own desires?

Many would, many wouldn’t, some would see the truth beyond the truth, however which one you are I can’t say, I can only know myself.

We do like the idea of ‘what if’, it helps us justify the place we are in, the choices we made, good, bad or indifferent. It helps us run away from accepting responsibility over the things we don’t want to, or rather can’t accept.

I wonder how many people live out their lives with these little snippets of unfinished business, a lot I’d imagine.

It’s fair to say that some things won’t be resolved in the way we want, or give us the answers we seek, so in that knowledge is it not better to take some time and think, then tie off that loose end with out own conclusion and forget about it forever more.

Why hold on to past habits, hopes or dreams?

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

If you know that quote, you’ve lived a good life, Rafiki was wise, even with short screen time.

We hold on to much, for the most trivial reasons and these things weigh us down, heavily.

Life is only so long, we only have so many moments that will capture our hearts and leave us yearning for more, the secret to a happy life is to take these when they come, to have the courage to step forward and take the chance.

Many complain of not having a chance, the way I see it is that you get plenty of chances, you just don’t always have plenty of courage to take them as they come.

Throw caution to the wind once in a while, your soul will thank you for it.

Have a pleasant day everyone, and also go watch that film, you’ll enjoy the message held in the screen time, well, if you’re someone like me that is.



Staring in to the coffee

Do you ever sit and just observe?

Ever noticed all the little idiosyncrasies people have when they talk or are listening?

It’s quite interesting really.

While you might not be looking for a specific motive to them, just seeing them starts to build a picture of the person in front of you, however you must be careful not to fall in to the trap of ‘suspecting each one means something’, sometimes they are just ticks, they have no purpose, they just are.

What you can look for is a pattern in them, now that is worth exploring.

Patterns can reveal a lot because a pattern leads to a specific outcome typically, meaning said patter is the result of a subconsciously learnt behaviour trait, such as telling lie for example.

If you take take it all in when chatting normally, you can see their normal patterns, then when they change to another default, that’s when you really want to pay attention.

I have to admit, I don’t do this for any other reason than that os epistemology, if you want the fancy term. If the much funnier truth is more to your liking you may call it academic masturbation.

Just sit and watch, take it all in, you’ll be surprised what you see.

Coffee, Cream & Consciousness

What have you been called over the years?

Have any of the labels actually been closer to the mark than you’d potentially like?

One that found its synonymity with me – thinker.

A fair point and one that funnily enough I sat and pondered over while in a meditative state and here was the conclusion that was reached.

  • Thought so far beyond the point you’re at you don’t even know what it is yet.

“Think far enough ahead that you stumble across what would be considered illogical, maybe even impossible currently. Have the foresight to see that which even you can’t. Every eventuality, possibility, permutation and option. It might just drive you mad, or teach you something many seek – the future is often made in your mind long before its reality.”

A philosophical notion worth your time, or the utter bollocks of a fractured soul.

You can be the judge, have a great day.

Black Coffee for 1

Drifting apart is one of those things that happens in life, however it’s not really drifting apart, it’s just a reminder of where you are in a persons priorities.

If you mattered that much, there’d always be time.

Just a thought, although not a happy one.


Netflix & Nihilism

‘Likes’ are an interesting thing.

I must admit, in any of the things written on here, or in any other place for that matter by me are never to rake them in,  however I do appreciate those that come through, yet it then begs the question, do people really read what is best described as an online diary or not.

Something to Ponder.

Oh, Altered Carbon, have you seen it?

One of the new Netflix hits.

While the show is essentially a murder mystery with a deeper plot underneath it all, it plays heavily on the theme of ‘throw away lives’ and that is something that caught my attention.

In a time where people have surpassed that one thing that still is master to us all, death. Society is quite content with changing ‘sleeves’ at the drop of a hat because they can and are more interested in living, no  matter how terrible the sleeve or life, so long as they are still alive.

One could say this is a direct reflection of society, or rather our fears.

We all fear death and to live without it knocking at our door, with no real consequence for out actions, now that would be something interesting. I wonder how people would change if that was the case.

It also covers the quint essential element of human character – guilt.

Watch it and you’ll understand that bit.

How we are meant to have lines we won’t cross, yet people would easily cross them if they had no knowledge of it, as if it was some form of absolution what had been done because if we can’t see it or know not of it, then it didn’t happen and we can continue to live the life we choose, blissfully ignorant.

Ah, blissful ignorance, we all have this one thing in common.

If we really knew the costs of the lives we lead I doubt we’d really be able to cope, not really.

To look beyond the veil and see it all, a beautiful curse.

Perhaps if there is such thing as God then this is why it abandoned us because if truly omnipotent then the sheer sorrow of our actions would  be overwhelming, not to mention the fact that it created us, yet if that is true then it did so knowing exactly what kind of monster it was creating.

One might say that is twisted, for if we were created by an omnipotent deity then they too created all the murderers, rapists, paedophiles and nightmarish creatures we never speak of.

What a depressing thought.

Go watch Altered Carbon, try to enjoy it for what it is, a psychological thriller.


Same old rubbish

Have you ever really listened to the words people use?

I just got to watch a video where the classic ‘eating animals is immoral’ argument came up yet again.

Some of the words that got used were quite strong in their meaning, yet one could argue not used in the correct context, they used them to argue to emotion and ended up steeped in logical fallacy.

I personally have yet to hear people argue with falling in to this realm.

Especially when they have an emotional attachment/investment in the topic.

If people could see and understand their own privileged hypocrisy I wonder if they’d stand by their values.

Then again what do I know.


Empty cups and even emptier people

Some, many in fact, would say that I am a tad depressive or pessimistic and they’d be fair in this statement.

Not for the reasons you may ponder though, more for the case that this is often how people who only wish to know the truth and share it are viewed because the truth is never pretty, warm, fluffy or even very nice, I’m sorry to say.

It’s like those who commit a life of misdeeds and then seek that one thing that will redeem them, a flawed ideology, especially when there is no really way of comparing one or many evils and what ‘good’ deed or benevolent act will atone for all of them in one fell swoop.

Depressive, pessimistic?


True… absolutely.

Everyone wants to be good when it suits them, until that point they will stretch, bend and break the rules as much as they can, funny really.

We have become very hollow inside.

Obsessed with possessions, meaningless novelty and the comfortable life and while there is nothing inherently wrong with this from one point of view, it hardly gives people the right to a wig and gavel they have (the internet) as to cast their judgement when they see fit, especially when there are so many people that should be silent.

I suppose it’s quite sad really if I think about it.

No longer can people be seen, in their place there is nothing more than a walking meat sack filled with a collection of thoughts that are not even their own, a collective consciousness is held that many are not ever aware they are a part of.

In this regard I am no different, there are plenty of people like me.

Aware, awake some might say or would the term be crazy?

Yet in this knowledge it makes me thankful for everything I have, even though to some it would seem like poverty, to a great many it would be considered luxury, perhaps even the life of royalty and I never want to forget that and truth be told, neither should you.

To some, YOU are the pinnacle of life, remember that and never take anything or anyone for granted.

Goal or Dream?

There’s a difference, you know, between a goal and a dream.

It’s quite simple, really.

One you want and the other, you say you want.

You should look in to this thoroughly and remember…

Unattainable dreams are the best kind.

Musashi was wise.

If we were to wonder, ponder and eventually, squander our time, would it really make any difference?

It seems that while people may talk of seizing the moment, they do go out of their way to find reasons to way for the opportune moment and for the time to feel right, ironically.

To me there is never a right time, nor a wrong time, there is simply time and in it we make our choices.

Like a bullet launching from the barrel of a gun, once it’s left and is in flight there is nothing we can do to stop it from the impending outcome, be that of hitting its target to achieve the desired effect or heading towards something else that will cause a calamity. Regardless of which it’s done, the trigger was pulled, now all you can do is sit back and watch the consequence of it unfold.

A melancholy view?

Perhaps, however you’d need to go a long way from the truth to see it as anything else.

In the book of five rings, Musashi states we should never regret our decisions and to this we must largely agree, even if it wasn’t the right one at the time, what’s done is done and all we can do is beg forgiveness which may never be given, such is the price.

I’ve made poor choices, reacted instinctively, all without forethought, this is a mistake.

While a worthy thing for survival, it serves no place in the gilded cage of modern life.

Heed my words, for one day they will save you from stepping over to my side of the world.

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