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One bad choice cost us big

We might not be perfect and no where near the divinity we seek.

Even with that glaring truth you have to understand one simple thing, you have a choice.

It’s up to you if it’s a good one or a bad one, so long as you decide to make it that’s all that matters.

Too many give their choices freely to others.

A choice is more precious than any currency, yet they’re treated as if they’re something to be thrown away at a whim.

So how does being perfect or divinity fit in to all this?

Well if you believe in a higher being then you must also know that they made a choice not to be involved, otherwise we’d know for sure they exist because being of a divine nature they’d not go back on their choices because they’d never make bad ones, right?

So we were cast out for our first choice, if you believe in such things.

If there was any reason you should take the matter of making a choice seriously it should be because the first bad one cost us our perfection and stake in the world of divinity.

The funniest part is that those who’ve read the scripture will blame it all on the influence of the snake, which brings me to my other point, if you don’t make your own choices someone else will make them for you, for their gain or just to be apart of their game.

What’s your choice?


Free coffee & the fickle

So the day started by using one of the many free drinks I’d accumulated over the passing weeks, what came next was not so pleasant.

I sit down, take out a book, begin reading and come under fire and fury from an acquaintance, what a charmed life to lead.

As with most people they jump to their own conclusions of the big picture based not heir own bias and inner guilt (longs tory on that one), as such the judgement that came my way was based off of their own image, an acceptable thing, we’re all guilty of doing such things. Therefore when it comes our way we just need to sit back and let them ride it out.

After they’d calmed down I simply carried on with what I was doing, much to their disgust. I offered these words “Interesting opinion, what is is based on?Evidence & fact or your own bias opinion which is steeped in your own guilt?” They soon left.

I carried on with my work.

The moral of the story?

If people wish to rant and rave, let them, they will tire themselves out soon enough and leave.

You can of course get in your jabs if you’re petty like I am, or you can be the bigger person and remain silent and smile, if you want my opinion on the matter you’ll find the jabs quite satisfying.

Green tea & the generation gap

The place is filled with both young & old, each minding their own business.

It’s interest tot look around and see the differences.

The elderly sat with papers in silence, happy that their significant other is there, the vibrant youths of no oiler than 18 all smiling with their friends while staring at their phone screens.

Next we have the middle aged sat chatting to one another, on the opposing side of their coin we’ve got the 20 somethings, one headphone in, laptops open with multiple coffee cups and what I imagine to be dissertation papers (we are near a uni after all).

The gap closed one more and leave those in their early 30’s and mid to late 40’s, these seem to be the most similar. Close enough to the rise of technology to understand it and need it int heir daily lives, yet also not far from the times where conversations and books still held their sway.

It’s interesting how things change, how what was once considered the norm is now rare.

Then there’s  me, sat alone watching the world go by as usual.

Americano & Waste

It crossed my mind the other day, how much time do we waste?

There was a moment, I was lost in thought, staring at the oven waiting for a fish pie to cook. Not thinking, just staring in to nothing, it was only broken by the timer going off to say the pie was done, which I might add was delicious.

While eating said pie I wondered how many times I’d done that, wasted time I mean, not started at a pie cooking.

To be truly devoid of conscious thought, an eerie feeling.

Is that what some call ascension?

To are free of thought, emotion, stress, worry, everything. There was no thought, no nothing, afterwards there was a slight lingering of that peace, akin to that stillness you see on the surface a lake. Not long after is had left me, however it was indeed an interesting experience.

It could be thought that we don’t simply waste time int hat manor, we also clog up our thoughts with music, YouTube, Netflix, idol sounds to stop cognition dead and ignore what is there, underneath the lake as it was.

Such moments are not meant to last, yet I feel they are meant to teach us something, each lesson will of course be different based on individual interpretation and that is what makes them special.

Perhaps there is no such things as wasted time, just unlearnt lessons that get lost or mired in the white noise we distract ourselves with.

What do you think?

Working Friends

It’s strange to be sat with someone and not a word to be said as we both work away diligently.

Is this how the world works now?

Sitting in silence, so close yet we might as well be 1000 miles apart.

I’m not sure I’m okay with this one bit, not really.

Empty cups & crumpled wrappers

I’ve been here only an hour and already my table is filled with the remnants of my appetite.

If I look from a certain angle it reminds me of the elephants graveyard from the Lion King. What a classic film that was.

There is a calm tranquil presence with me today.

As such I have got nothing more to write, I will simply enjoy the peace that has befallen me.

Have a great day 🙂

Coffee, rice cakes & black holes

It’s very quiet today in the old local.

On the walk in I passed a face I’ve not seen in a very long time.

While still as beautiful as it once was there was no life behind the eyes, they looked vacant, tired, the small fire that was once there extinguished.

A shame to see, yet the flutter or feeling that used to be has long since departed from the place it used to matter.

The time we spend with others often requires us to give them something, a part of ourselves that we will never get back and in return we often receive the same from them. As a result we gain perspective on the world.

I remember at one point in all the drama I was pushed so far to the edge, well, if I look back I’d say that I was half way through the free fall before I knew what happened. Yet it gave a perspective that I’m very much thankful for, even if the lingering false slander is still in the minds of some.

Did you know that some people are like black holes, they draw in everything around them and  what goes in, no matter how bright or how strong is inevitably crushed, claimed by the darkness.

If they ever come out the other side by some miracle they are left weak, fragile and empty, much like a rice cake.

Aha, stupid ramblings of an old fool trying to make sense of his mistakes.


To Write

I’ve found over the last several years that writing has been quite the relief for a great many things.

It’s helped put some perspective back in to life because when you see your problems written down, or even your beliefs and biases you realise just how unimportant they are when compared to the bigger picture.

I can’t say I’ve ever been at peace before, not like now.

There’s been moments, glimpses of what it is like, each time they lasted longer.

Currently this is the longest the calm has lasted, I’m sure it will be broken eventually and I’m okay with that because it’s how we deal with the breaks in the chain that help us continue to grow.

So all of you who read my humble ramblings, I thank you.

In our blood

Despite what people day about everyone being the same, being equal, we’re not.

We can’t outrun the subtle influence of genetics and that which has brought us in to this time of modern life.

As I sit and watch the groups of people you can see the patterns.

You can see what people will try to deny, it stares us right in the face.

The women huddle together sharing stories, building the internal connections to one another and drawing what they need emotionally from their group and it’s members, discussing their problems not for an answer but just for the purpose of having someone listen, a magical thing to see.

Then there is the men, silent to a point, speaking about problems and offering methods to fix them because that’s just how they work.

In a world where we are told ‘we’re all the same’ it’s obvious we aren’t.

That’s not to say that people shouldn’t be treated equally well and fairly, however a great many seem to have forgotten that which resides in our very essence. It’s literally in our blood to act a certain way.

While social dynamic and influence can have a effect, you can’t change what you are at a base level, despite what people will say. Call me ignorant or anything else that you like, for I know what I am, who I am and as such the modern world hold little sway over me.

It would be nice if everything was fair in this life, however that’s never going to happen so long as people are born more intelligent, stronger, faster, healthier and all in all, different from one another.

The people in the world aren’t meant to be the same, life would be so dull if that was the case. The collective hive mind, while it might bring peace, unity, fairness and equality, it wouldn’t be living, it would be nothing more than existing in subjugation.

We are different.

I’m different from you, however that doesn’t mean I will treat you like a lower life form, I will treat you with the same respect and curtsey you treat me. I will always aim to be good to people, however if they decide to display a different attitude towards me the gloves are off, I need not pander to those who can’t abide to the basics of human decency.

As far as animals go we’re certainly the most confusing.

A strong opinion, it’s caused many an argument and exposed many a hypocrite.

Remember, we’re all different.

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